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BatesMotel#3 - US Rep Lamar Smith - Justice or Malicious Witch Hunt

Congressman Lamar Smith’s Feb 5th press release is a chilling exercise in Orwellian Doublespeak. One aspect in particular deserves special attention, that is the representative's sanctimonious profession of concern for science and the integrity of the process.  Then why, I'd like to ask him, is he sticking his extremely opinionated and politically oh so manipulative fingers into it?  
Lamar's words do not jive with the reality and this addendum is about exploring that aspect of Representative Smith's fraud against We The People, it includes links and informative quotes from the following:

House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith wrote: "Since then, the Committee has attempted to obtain information that would shed further light on these allegationsbut was obstructed at every turn by the previous administration’s officials.  (Rep Smith) repeatedly asked, ‘What does NOAA have to hide?’"
Dr. Bates’ revelations and NOAA’s obstruction certainly lend credence to what I’ve(Rep.Smith) expected all along – that (Karl et al. 2015) used flawed data, was rushed to publication in an effort to support the president’s climate change agenda, and ignored NOAA’s own standards for scientific study.  
What’s the Deal with Rep. Lamar Smith’s Subpoena to NOAA over Climate Science? An FAQ Resource
Research Director, Center for Science and Democracy | November 16, 2015
Concern is growing about the broader implications of House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith’s subpoena to NOAA and subsequent actions. Chairman Smith is misleading the public about what he is asking for and how NOAA updated its long-term climate dataset. As a result, some inaccurate headlines and articles have been published. As a result, I thought a post of Frequently Asked Questions on the topic would be timely. So here goes:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

BatesMotel#2 - US Rep Lamar Smith - Follow the money. A collection.

This is a tour de force of sorts, that is if you like collections of valuable information.  In particular background information for who this US Representative Lamar Smith is and why he's the darling and good servant to the Texas oil aristocracy.

No commentary simply a sampling of articles and quotes.  First related to US Representative Lamar Smith, chairman of the House “Science” Committee.  Then to the people who own him and a peek behind the curtain of the only constituency that matters in Rep Smith’s pay to play world.  
Lamar Smith on Principles & Values - Christian Scientist.

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BatesMotel#1-US Rep Lamar Smith, Koch ties shackles behavior

In an upcoming post I'm going to dissect US Representative Lamar Smith's February 5th press release on behalf of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.  The one where he uses the words of John Bates in an attempted character assassination.  But before I get to that I want to present some background information.  First an article by Steve Horn printed at DeSmogBlog in June of last year.

Exxon, Koch Ties May Help Explain Rep. Lamar Smith's Probing Request of "Exxon Knew" Environmental Groups

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith recently caused a ruckus by targeting environmental groups that are pushing for ExxonMobil to be held accountable for funding climate change denial despite their deep internal corporate knowledge of the role of fossil fuel pollution in global warming. Rep. Smith penned letters to several environmental groups and foundations requesting all of their…

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dr. Ed Hawkins not making any sense - 2000s warming slowdown?

In working on my review of Bates' article, I stumbled on another example of a presumably well meaning scientists doing more to fuel confusion and denial and distrust than to inform and learn.  That would be Ed Hawkins with his 2/24/2016 dissenting blog post "Making sense of the early-2000s warming slowdown."  I started writing him a comment, but it got too big to post over there, I have given him a shorter one and a link. 
Ed Hawkins | February 24, 2016   

It has been claimed that the early-2000s global warming ‘slowdown’ or ‘hiatus’, characterized by a reduced rate of global surface warming, has been overstated, lacks sound scientific basis, or is unsupported by observations. The evidence presented in a new commentary in Nature Climate Change by Fyfe et al. contradicts these claims.
The new Fyfe et al. paper is mainly in response to Karl et al. and Lewandowsky et al., who made the following statements in their abstracts:

“These results do not support the notion of a ‘slowdown’ in the increase of global surface temperature” – Karl et al., 2015, Science

“there is no evidence that identifies the recent period as unique or particularly unusual” – Lewandowsky et al., 2016, BAMS

Firstly, climate scientists agree that global warming has not ‘stopped’ – global surface temperatures and ocean heat content have continued to increase, sea levels are still rising, and the planet is retaining ~0.5 days of the sun’s incoming energy per year. …

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Open Letter to E&E News reporter Scott Waldman" Global? What global?

The past two days I've been catching up on the latest internet climate science faux-scandal, the John Bates affair.  Fortunately enough has been written about it, see the preceding post for those detailsthat I won't rehash it here.  What I do want to rehash is how easily communicators and reports fall into the contrarians script without even recognizing it.  My case in point is an otherwise good article written by Energy and Environment News reporter Scott Waldman.  Reading the offending sentence I felt so irritated I sat down to write him an email that blossomed beyond first intentions and that I want to share since this blog is all about trying to provoke some thought, perhaps even a little soul searching.

Dear Mr. Waldman,

I read your article “'Whistleblower' says protocol was breached but no data fraud” ) with much interest, but when I got to the section “Bates: Be careful of bias.” You wrote, "For many years, climate scientists were puzzled by an apparent plateau in global temperatures. …

What the heck? Global SURFACE temperatures are NOT "global temperatures”!!  Why are you repeating that contrarian meme?  It was global surface temperatures that seems to "pause" although that was never true either since record temps kept happening.  The best that can honestly be said is that the rate of increase had apparently slowed.  If I’m being inaccurate please call me on it.

Besides, that 'apparent pause [sic] in Global SURFACE Temperatures, excluded the rapidly warming poles and some other less significant areas of our planet’s surface. Here again, if I'm mistaken on that point, someone please correct me. 

Sou reviews the John Bates / David Rose affair. NOAA data protocols

Sou at HotWhopper has written an article that neatly sums up the recent John Bates Affair, with a leading role played by the notorious liar for pay, David Rose of the "Mail" tabloid rag and the nearly as dubious blog run by Judith Curry. I've spent the last couple days learning about it and wanting to write about it but frankly its overwhelming, though I do hope to take a closer look at John Bates' deceptive word play which deserves more attention than its received.  I was also inspired to write a reporter at E&E News, but I'll save that for the next post.

Since Sou has done such an excellent job of summarizing the affair I'm mirroring her article here.  Without further ado.

David Rose doubles down on #climate disinformation about NOAA. Let's get some perspective
Sou | 5:37 PM | February 14, 2017

I've had a post in train for a week now, after last week's ridiculously wrong article from David Rose in the Mail on Sunday. He based it on another ridiculous article, that one from John Bates on Judith Curry's climate disinformation blog. David Rose has followed it up with another ridiculously wrong article, which says nothing new and in which he's just trying to justify all the mistakes and lies in his first article.

John Bates is a meteorologist turned computer data person whose nose was out of joint because he didn't always get his way when he used to work at NOAA. It was a sour grapes whine from someone who wanted attention. That's all. However his attention-seeking moan had major repercussions through the deniosphere.

In his latest article, David Rose finishes with this:
We cannot allow such a vital issue for our future to be mired in half truths and deceptions.

Which raises the question - why is David Rose himself so mired in half truths and deceptions? His article doesn't just contain half truths, he's a bald-faced liar!

John Bates slagged off scientists, with no evidence, just to get some attention

Friday, February 10, 2017

#14g Debating GOP Disconnect AGW - Gore’s AIT(27-35) vs SPPI, Monckton's 35 lies

The debate continues #27-35 :

For a more detailed introduction visit #14b Debating GOP Disconnect AGW

Quoting SPPI and Lord Monckton: "Below are the 35 errors pointed out by the SPPI article, with my short summary of the actual truths behind each dishonest fib. See the full explanations at 'ScienceandPublicPolicyorg/monckton/goreerrors.'" 

However, I will demonstrate that SPPI and their Lord M are in fact the malicious liars who politicized the science in order to confuse and stupefy innocents like my pal EM, and to further their self-interested myopic and destructive agenda. 

This last installment covers points 27 to 35: Mosquitoes, tropical diseases, CO2 pollution, 2003 heatwave 35K, Pied flycatchers, bogus pictures, Thames Barrier, Facts are supported.  I appreciate this has been many hours worth of an exercise in futility, though I always learn a bit more.  Still, our new Republican government is too concerned with putting the finishing touches on becoming America's overlords and they could care less about reason or learning or the future beyond their own immediate gratification.  In their shallow hubristic mindscapes our planet Earth has no more depth or substance than a post card.  So why do I care?  Because people still need to know the truth is easy to find, one simply needs the intellectual integrity and curiosity to look for it.

Embedded YouTube videos:
Paul Epstein - Infectious Disease
Earth From Space - Nova/NASA
Trees and Global Warming
The great mountain pine beetle outbreak - a global perspective
How does the Thames barrier protect London from floodings
Ever wonder what caused Global Warming Skepticism?  Then meet Frank Luntz.
The text of Inconvenient Truth provided by:
Reviewing Lord Monckton’s 35 SPPI Errors, Lies and Deceptions Regarding “An Inconvenient Truth.”
Cloned from:  scottthong.wordpress/2007/10/30/35-scientific-errors-or-intentional-lies-in-an-inconvenient-truth/